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The Benefits of Buying an Established Business

The dream of business ownership is alive and well these days, especially in Colorado. As of 2015, the state is home to nearly 600,000 small businesses which employ almost 1,000,000 people! Every day you hear about a new start up being launched or a company taking its headquarters to Colorado. Business is good! So for today’s discussion, we thought it would be important to address the benefits of buying an established business over starting a business.

In Colorado, 52% of small businesses fail within the first four years of being established (as of 2016). But this percentage dramatically decreases with the purchase of an established business for a number of factors which we will discuss below.

Proven Business Concept. Buying an established business is simply less risky than starting a business of your own. The concept has been proven to work and has a track record of that success. This also comes in handy when it comes time to finance the business, banks are much more willing to lend to a buyer with a proven concept than fund a start-up business.

Established & Recognized Brand. When purchasing an established business, there will already be a brand in place, that is recognizable in the community and has a history and reputation behind it. It is much easier to market an established business to a community than to market a new business.

Staff In Place. Hiring employees is time-consuming and costly and within the realm of a start-up business, every penny counts! An established business comes with staff in place that has already been hired, trained and developed to operate the business. These employees will not only be able to help you transition into your ownership role they will also provide you with a more flexible schedule to focus on business strategies and family.

Customer Base. An established business has had the time to develop customer relationships and a loyal following. Which means the business will benefit from revenue from the time of purchase on. With a start-up company, the owner will have to work much harder to gain traction within the community and attract customers.

Growth & Planning. Instead of working to make your start-up business viable, as the new owner of an established business, you will be able to focus on scaling and strategic planning. This factor alone can alleviate a large piece of the risk and stress of a start-up business.

Deciding to buy a business will put you one step closer to reaching your entrepreneurial goals! To learn more about how to buy a business or even how to buy a franchise we invite you to visit our website for more information!

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10 Ways to Attracting Clients Through Kindness

Why Being Generous in Your Business Will Result in More Loyal Customers

Have you ever noticed feeling compelled to do something for those who have helped you– even if they haven’t asked you to?

That’s the Law of Reciprocity at work.

This law says whatever you give, whether it’s money, time or effort… that it comes back to you with a tenfold return.

I know for a fact this law works as we’ve experienced it many times over the years. Almost like clockwork, we notice a distinct increase in leads that come in after making a donation or doing something extra for a client.

How Relationship Marketing Incorporates the Law of Reciprocity

Some businesses lead with hard-selling tactics to drive you to buy. This is called “push marketing”. But others, using “inbound or relationship marketing” strategies, have discovered how to put the power of generosity to work in their business.

How do you think your business would change if, instead of TAKING you focused on GIVING? Once you shift your focus to serving others and creating value – it changes everything.

Over time, your generosity creates a reputation that sets you apart and your rate of referrals will increase as well.

So how would you like to have not only more clients but more loyal ones too?

Here are ten ways to be more generous in your business to achieve that:

1) Be a Great Resource. If anyone needs a referral, share vendor referrals of those you know and trust. People will see you as the “go-to” person and come to you for recommendations.

2) Give More Than Expected. Doesn’t it feel nice when you walk into a hotel room and there’s a mint on your pillow? It’s an unexpected surprise.

Here’s some ideas to get you started: Provide more value that what you charge. Go the extra mile. Give a surprise gift. Deliver your product or service faster than promised.

3) Provide Excellence. Since your business needs to differentiate itself from your competitors, how about making it your mission to only offer top-quality products and services?

This includes customer service too: Respond to all email and phone messages promptly. Give clients uninterrupted attention. Listen to and address concerns are some ways to do this.

4) Serve Others. Zig Ziglar once said “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” And Mary Kay’s empire was built on the premise of achieving success by helping someone else succeed.

Many entrepreneurs are in business because they are on a mission to serve others in some capacity. When you live your purpose, you’ll live a life of joy while making a difference.

5) Open Yourself to Receiving. Most of us were never taught how to receive. For instance, how do you typically respond when someone complements you? Do you push back and try to minimize their sincerity?

Same thing applies to your business – If you say “no” when clients, money or opportunities come your way, those opportunities will stop coming.

This means making space in your mind and heart for more. It means accepting money, kindness, complements or assistance that is offered to you. This keeps your flow of abundance open energetically. You give and it comes back to you.

6) Listen to Your Inner Voice. Inner wisdom leads us to those who need our help. Stop, listen and take action on those nudges. Offer your attention, time, and advice in their hour of need.

7) Follow The Golden Rule. I grew up with this rule ingrained into my psyche as a Brownie and Girl Guide. Essentially, treat others the way you wish to be treated – and that includes in business too.

When a company treats you right or sells you a terrific product, you feel happy. You feel loyal. You’re likely to buy more from that company. You’re likely to recommend that company’s products and services to friends, family and colleagues.

Make it your goal is to have the same thing be done for you.

8) Perform Acts of Kindness. Lift up others. Empower others through a simple word of encouragement and inspiration. Share your vision of what you see is possible for them.

This article shares Small Acts of Kindness That Grow Your Bottom Line for some inspiration.

9) Be Genuine. Share yourself openly with those in your network. Let them see the real you. Build warm relationships with people around you. Make them feel special.

10) Practice Gratitude. When your heart is full of gratitude and you put forth effort to show your gratitude, really great things can happen.

Make it a practice every day to share gratitude. Who has shared a referral? Who taught you something? Who is your favourite new customer and why? What vendor did a great job on a project?

Show thanks for someone or something today and watch what happens.

Be Generous and Watch Your Business Grow

There are many other ways you can practice kindness and will see returns tenfold. Go volunteer, be a sponsor, donate funds to a worthy charity or even invest in a business that you believe in!

Remember as a business person we can serve with compassion, kindness, patience and respect. Being a good person not only makes you feel happier but it is also great for business.

Top 6 Reasons As How Business Attorney in New Jersey Is Your Best Chance to Grow

If you own a small business, chances are high that you’ve got an accountant, agent, and perhaps even a business mentor to advise you. However what about a business attorney in New Jersey? Granted, you almost certainly won’t want one on a daily basis, however, there are times when should contract with one. Because you’ll require business attorneys for even if it is a small business, there are reasons to it.

As a business owner, you launch your business with the hope that everything can go smoothly, and you’ll finally end up running a really winning organization. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a utopian society wherever each business prospers. Mistakes happen, problems arise, and you would like a business lawyer, New Jersey from time to time. Having an honest lawyer will give unbelievable worth to your business, particularly in serving to safeguard you from legal implications.

Advantages Of Hiring Business Attorneys:

• Helps in the formal structure of your business:

One of the first things you ought to do as a small-business owner decides a way to structure your business. Your choices embrace sole ownership, partnership, LLC, firms, and non-profit-making. The choice you create can have an effect on your exposure to non-public liabilities, tax obligations, setup fees, and current expenses, in addition, as however, you’ll lawfully acquire funding. Once you talk over with a seasoned business lawyer, you may receive the guidance you would like to create the proper decision for your business. Additionally, the lawyer will assist you to produce and, once necessary, file the specified documents.

• Protect Against Lawsuits:

People like you think that you require an attorney only when the problem is worse or when you’re already been used, which is not right. In fact, you should hire an attorney so that you can be prevented from any lawsuits. A good lawyer would help in reducing the charges, but they might not be able to protect you entirely because you haven’t consulted a lawyer at a later stage. I suggest you be enthusiastic before a lawsuit occurs, ask your lawyer to cover all your legalities and cover all your bases.

• Dealing With Employee Issues:

There are several occasions once you should contemplate hiring a business lawyer for employee-related problems. Here are some examples.
When deciding whether to hire workers or use freelance contractors, there are terribly specific laws you want to adhere to. A decent business lawyer accustomed to those laws will assist you to keep out of bothering with the IRS.
When operating as a freelance contractor, you may have to be compelled to draft an agreement that outlines the arrangement. A business lawyer will draft one that’s favorable to your business. If you have already got an agreement, or wish to use a boilerplate agreement, the attorney will review it and make sure that it’s in your best interest.
Consult an attorney before you hire or fire workers to make sure you don’t place yourself in danger for a discrimination case.

• Mitigate Damages:

Your business lawyer may also facilitate to cut back the damages your face within the event of a legal proceeding. As an example, if you’re faced with a personal injury case from a worker or client, an attorney will facilitate mitigate any damages. So as for them to induce the simplest result, however, it’s necessary that you simply tell the reality. If you would like an honest attorney, you need to be an honest client. Although the worker was hurt attributable to one thing you probably did, it’s higher for your attorney to be told concerning it from you, instead of the opposing side’s lawyer.

• Helps In Negotiating Or Drafting A Contract:

Chances are, you may enter into one or additional contracts whereas in business. A lawyer will facilitate and make sure you don’t sign one that may place your business at risk. Attorneys are specialists at development out drawback clauses and characteristic when further language must be added. For example, if you sign a contract while not a dispute clause, you may end up in an exceedingly legal proceeding once mediation may have resolved the difficulty. Additionally, if you have already executed a contract and therefore the different party has broken it, a lawyer will suggest your choices and forestall you from doing one thing you will not have the right to try and do. For instance, you will wish to withhold cash once the opposite aspect breaches, however, the contract might not enable that course of action.

•Helps In Preventing The Impact Due To Environmental Issues:

Lately, environmental problems are larger than ever as additional and a lot of individuals are attempting to avoid wasting the environment. If an environmental issue arises that involves your business, you wish to consult a lawyer. These problems will arise from producing, waste disposal, emissions, and also the development of raw materials. Different times, your business might not be directly concerned, however, may still be affected.

As a result, new federal compliance standards have initiated everywhere the state that will have an effect on your business. As an example, if you purchase a piece of land, and later establish it contains dangerous materials beneath the surface, you would like a lawyer to sue the vendor so that they are liable for the cleanup prices.
In addition, within the event that you simply fail to suits past rules and face consequences from a suit or federal grievance, a decent business lawyer is your initial, and most significant, the line of defense.

How Business VoIP Can Make Your Company More Efficient

Communication is key for any business to succeed. Reaching your customers through communication is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. Business VoIP will take your number one business communication tool: the telephone system, and give it a massive upgrade. This upgrade can increase productivity, efficiency, growth, and profits. Here’s why.

What is VoIP technology?

VoIP (voice over IP) is a high-quality phone system that allows users to use a secure connection through the internet instead of a standard phone line. It sends voice data into packets using IP rather than by traditional circuit transmissions of PSTN. Business VoIP services use commercial class versions that provide small or medium-sized businesses with advanced features like private branch exchange capabilities, conference calling, music for on hold clients, desk to desk calling, and automated attendants.

How can it improve your business?

-Reduces expenses: Besides avoiding the high costs of long-distance calling, VoIP also cuts additional costs like network management maintenance and upgrades. The provided features of VoIP come at no extra costs like other telephone systems. Those extra features include conference calling and other components that will additionally reduce costs from travel time and other expenses that correlate with holding meetings in person.

-Gives employees flexibility and mobility: VoIP allows employees to connect and conduct business on any device, so it is easier to stay connected. All your employees need is an internet connection, and they are ready to go, even on the go.

-Easy to install and use: Because everything is on the cloud, there are fewer plug-ins and wiring. Businesses like this option over standard phone systems, because of those reasons.

-Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery: During a disaster like a power outage or any other natural disaster that may leave your business without internet or phone can have a drastic impact on business operations. Luckily with VoIP, there are features available for failover or forwarding to keep your business running even during a disaster emergency.

-Make management easy: With VoIP, managing phone calls is made easy, allowing the company’s core business to focus on other areas. By combining voice and data into one system, your company will reduce the need to micromanage, which means less work for you to have to focus on.

-Improve productivity: Lastly, the number one reason businesses turn to VoIP is because it enhances and improves productivity. Your business will be able to collaborate more efficiently, receive all messages in a single location, reduce travel time, never miss a call from clients, reduce costs on phone management, etc. You and your employees will be able to focus attention on areas of your business where it matters most.

Tips For Reducing Chargebacks For Small Business

The most critical thing merchant has to be afraid of while selling products and services are chargebacks. If you get the chargebacks, it may lead to decrease in revenues and may also hamper the credibility of the business. To operate profitably in the ecommerce industry, you should have proper chargeback defense policies and fraud management policies. You should always ensure that chargeback to sales as well as fraud to sales ratio is always below 2%.

In the layman language, chargebacks are disputed transactions. Chargebacks were created by the law to protect customers from the unauthorized transactions. The consumers try to have a word with the merchant once or twice but if their issues are not solved they simply raise their concerns with their issuing bank.
However, some customers use the chargebacks thoughtlessly and that can cause losses to your business in online ecommerce industry. There are few tips which can reduce the chargebacks of your business.

1.Descriptor and/or DBA Name: DBA name i.e. Doing Business As. It is the name that appears on the bank statements of the customer. Mostly customers raise chargebacks when they do not recognize the name appearing on the payment slips or bank statements. You should make sure if DBA name is different from your business name and you should also make that thing understood to the customer. It is up to you to ensure the card charges are understood by the customers.

2. Contact Details: You should provide proper contact details to your customers, if customers have any queries and if those queries are not solved they will surely go to the banks and file dispute against your business. Customer service information of the business (Phone number & email address) should be mentioned on website clearly for the customers. You can also add your customer service phone number on your Descriptor and/or DBA name that will show on customer’s bank statement. Customers can contact you immediately if they’ve noticed unrecognized transaction on their statement.

3. Fraud Management: You should have proper fraud management team. The team should monitor all the transactions that take place on your website and as soon as you come to know about any fraud transaction, check the authenticity of the transaction. If it is complete fraud transaction then refund it immediately. The payment gateway providers and banks also monitor transactions and forward the same. It is up to you to make sure the transaction has not taken place through stolen card. If you’ve noticed any fraud transaction taking place on your website, the fraud management team either contacts the customer to verify the sale or refund the transaction to avoid any further issues.

4. Products and services up to the mark: Many times chargebacks are not raised because of fraud transactions but because the quality of the products and services are not up to the mark or substandard or below customers’ expectations. On your website clearly explain the product with images and proper details. You should also have refund policy. In case if the customers ask for the refund after the time mentioned in the policies you can clearly show your refund policies to them.

5. Accurate records and customer service: You should maintain proper call records, email conversations or any other conversations you had with customer somewhere. Maintain a proper track record of everything. Keep proper proof of delivery with you. You should also have a customer service team which should take feedback calls from the customers and in case of any issues they can be solved on priority basis.
Chargebacks can lead to high losses especially when your business is high risk business. To make sure you do not get caught in a trap of online fraudsters, take proper actions in the beginning. It is tough for the merchant to win the chargeback case itself however we as chargeback Expertz have proper chargeback defense, chargeback management and fraud management tools. We try our best that the chargeback is properly responded. Contact us today!

You may surmise that these are a great deal of things, however once you begin to incorporate these in your business, you will see diminishment in chargebacks. Your need ought to be acquiring engraving and mark of cardholders for every last exchange. This will be a proof that Visa or MasterCard exchange was approved by the cardholder, and exchange is genuine. Mark is a proof that cardholder was available amid the exchange procedure, and you will have the capacity to speak to chargeback and win. Keep in thought that exchanges done by means of phone, mail request, and E-trade have high danger of chargebacks, on the grounds that shippers don’t have control over them.

The 15 magic seconds which creates huge profits

During my sales seminars, talking about the connection between customer care and profits, often I tell a story story, a true story: the story of Jan Carlzon and Sas.

In 1981, the SAS Group (Scandinavian Airline System , which controlled the Scandinavian airlines) figured 14th in the ratings of 17 European airlines , when it came to punctuality. He was losing about $ 17 million a year, and it was close to bankruptcy.

An almost unknown Jan Carlzon was called to the chair of the group and, from the beginning of his tenure, made an important observation: in a year , about 10 million Sas customers came into contact with an average of 5 Sas employees, with interactions that lasted an average of 15 seconds.

In total, 50 million of short contacts per year. In each of these 50 million interactions , the image of Sas was ” re-built ” in the mind of the customer, by the behavior of the employees of the airline group.

“These 50 million moments of truth,” asserted Carlzon, ” are able to thrive or fail our company .”
Carlzon hit the target in full, with a simple concept , yet extremely effective: each customer contact is a moment of truth , regardless of its subject and duration. Setting a program of “total quality ” applied to these 50 million contacts per year, Carlzon was able to reverse the fortunes of Sas , relatively quickly.

In 1987, when SAS was preparing to become one of Europe’s most successful carrier , Carlzon wrote a book, still to the fore, titled ” Moments of Truth “.

As just one example, if a citizen of Rome, making a stroll through the streets of the city, would met a stranger asking him the time, could react in three different ways:

· Neutral: he tells the time , stopping only for a moment and without any emotional involvment;

· Weakening : he tells the time, without stopping and listlessly (the other, a foreigner, does not understand even one single word);

-Empowering: stops and found that the other person is a foreigner, he says the time and shows him the subway station, closer taxi stand, and urges him to visit some of the best monuments in the surroundings.

These same behavioral methodologies applies to a sales transaction, and act as brakes or accelerators of turnover and related profits. Every transaction between a customer and a supplier is subject to these rules, empowering or disempowering.

No one can avoid mistakes at 100%, even Sas employees after the “Carlzon cure”. Mistakes are a fact of life. What matters , in these cases, is to learn from the error, to avoid to perpetrate again it in the future.

How can you create , systematically and effectively , empowering contact with your customers?
The magic answer is that companies (and their salesmen / women) should remember that their first goal is to please the customer. Not pleasing him for the sake of making a profit, but just pleasing him, fullstop.

More often than not, the opposite occurs: companies are geared to making turnover or saving costs and at first place they put the adherence to rules, procedures, protocols, invoking the most irritating argument: “… this is contrary to our policies. “. Said to a customer, the sentence sounds like “Your satisfaction is contrary to our policies”.

Obviously, the above model is the easiest to follow, the fastest, the least expensive in terms of resources used. Equally obviously, it is the one leading even the most established company straight to the ruin. To verify this , just ask any customer.

Email Marketing in 2018 and Beyond

Having preached about how email marketing is far from dead and taking a look at past mistakes in your campaign, it is time to take a long overdue look at the future. There have been massive strides made in the email marketing space in recent years but there is still plenty of room for improvement. As the lead support rep in North America, I am the first line of defence when a client comes in with a feature request, so I’ve heard it all. While there are some outlandish requests, like the ability to stop contacts from manually placing emails into the spam folder, there have been a number of ideas brought up that really struck a chord with me. Here, I will take the time to go over a few of these concepts and see how they could impact the email game going forward.

Auto-segmentation and Personalization

You may be saying to yourself, “wait a second, both of these are doable right now! What’s up?” And that is true, but no to the extent email marketers want or need. Yes, you can parse lists according to a number of different variables and even customize email content based on pre-set values, but it still largely has to be done manually.

What I’ve found to be a common request is the desire to do more in a fraction of the time. People want to import their list and then have the work done for them. While this may seem like the fantasy of a lazy salesperson, it actually isn’t that far from being a reality. With advances in AI happening so rapidly it isn’t out of the realm of possibility to create a thinking and growing email platform that can cut your workload in half.

Imagine automatically seeing your contacts organised according to age group, gender or location and then a template is automatically brought up based on those segments? It would be quite the convenience wouldn’t it?

The value of a flat out email list just isn’t there anymore; it is about all of the additional data you can collect about that list. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about a potential client the more versatility you grant yourself. With a system that could automatically sort through the information you input, create segments and populate templates with the best variables for that given segment a sales rep could get an exponential amount of work done in comparison to have to sift through everything manually.

An Interactive Age – Branching Campaigns

Much like the previous section, branching campaigns are not a novel concept, though they aren’t the norm either. But this idea expands on that even further. Take, for instance, a restaurant sending newsletters. Today you can have a static image of your menu, maybe an animated banner and links to your website. Wouldn’t it be better to have the entire interactive menu from the site proper embedded in the actual email chain?

Instant gratification has become a staple of the Internet, so why not let your customers interact with your site from the get go? The email routine today goes a little like this:

Email is received

Open the email

Client is interested

Client clicks link and is taken to the website

They then have to sign-in and search for whatever it was that interested them about the email.
Along the way they lose interest because of the back and forth
You can craft the perfect copy but the disconnect between the email and the actual purchasing process can lead to lost sales. If the interface of your email had the same level of interaction as your site you could essentially cut out the middleman and have them make purchases from directly within the message.

Which then leads us to the concept of branching campaigns. Based on the level of interaction a client shows you can trigger different phases of the campaign. If someone is showing a lot of interest the platform would automatically detect this and skip ahead a few follow-ups to take a more direct approach. If a prospect seems a little more hesitant they would be sent down a path with a bit more nurturing. It all boils down to advancements in AI and the ability to implement these ideas into an email without setting off every spam filter on the Internet, but it would be nice!

One-Click Purchases

Building off of the interactive email concept, the ability to make a payment with a single click, through a fingerprint or retinal scan would be a huge boon to sales teams.

This would mainly be for the mobile markets but the ability to make the sale with a single button press would benefit potential clients and companies alike. As mentioned above, there is a current disconnect between the email and the purchasing process. External links are necessary, which leads to unnecessary time being spent and potential frustration building.

We live in a world of impulse buyers, and adding this tool may seem like taking advantage of the times, but isn’t that what we’re here for? If we aren’t going to capitalize on trends we may as well be in another industry all together.

Giving people the option to buy your product or service with the touch of a button will save both party’s time and energy.
As mentioned previously, all of these advancements rely on an expansion of the email platform in general as well as rapid AI development in the future. That being said, it isn’t too hard to imagine these actually coming to fruition in the near future. Nothing will ever beat a hand written letter to a potential client, but to be able to create that same feel in a fraction of the time is an immeasurable asset that shouldn’t be ignored.

Make Unlimited Income With Our Money Adder Software

Our instant money adder software is like a dream come true for professionals who wish to have that bit of extra cash by leveraging on OPM (Other People’s Time). Nowadays, hardwork doesn’t necessarily mean success. Your efforts at work may not be bringing you the paycheck you deserve. Most companies just pay enough so you have to eat and produce more for them, without taking into account your future and financial well-being. We do not support exploitation in any form, which is why we have invested man-hours, energy and numerous resources to ensure that the hardworking man is well compensated for his efforts.

HOW? Good question. We have created a unique money adder software that really works, so you can enjoy the many pleasures life has to offer, which your minimum wage will not provide. Take full advantage of our years of research and toil, as we do not want you to go through life like a rabbit in a maze.

We have painstakingly designed this software for this software for the busy executive, work at home mom, unemployed, senior citizens, etc. Do not let the lack of money, job or time constrain you. At last, you could be financially free and live the life of your dreams. For me, this includes vacations and a nice time with friends and family. Relax and make cool money from the comfort of your bedroom and in your pyjamas too. Earn cool income while you sleep, this is residual income that does not need your presence around 24/7. You can be doing other important stuffs while our software takes all the hassles away from you. Enjoy your life the way you always wanted to, I mean you have been working hard all these years, surely a nice break is deserved.

This Money Adder software will give genuine money. essentially this cash can be consolidated with your salary income from your JOB or used as a stand-alone source of income which you can utilize. It is the most tried and tested method to earn fast income online, as profits may be used to purchase on the internet, or withdrawn to your bank accounts. Indeed, it is truly a supportive program for people who are frequently on the web, who do not like to work in brick-and-mortar companies but prefer the beauty of e-commerce; a worldwide web of doing business which is revolutionizing our lives today. This application is suitable particularly for those individuals who love to use their online bank accounts aka e-currencies viz paypal, perfect money, bitcoin, skrill, payeer, payza, payoneer etc.

If you are a doubter and don’t really believe in this software, I urge you to try it anyway! It really works! Why do you think so many people are promoting it? If you actively use this software, you could have up to $15,000 in your account within 2 weeks! Anytime you find yourself short of cash, just switch on your laptop and power this software. Imagine your profits in 2 months alone! You probably spend a lot more than $50 on movie tickets and dinner dates alone, and yet you are not still guaranteed to score that babe!

This is low-investment program with very high rate of return. Remember – TIME is the most important ingredient, it is the only resource available to all men of different class and race. You can choose to live paycheck-to-paycheck or be FREE from financial bondage. Many years ago, a wise man once said that the journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.

Top 3 High Paying Work From Home Jobs

The number of people who are working from home has been increasing over a period due to convenience that comes with it. Today, you can always choose from a wide range of jobs that you can get depending on your needs. In addition, you must have skills to be in a position to do them correctly whenever you need them. When you make that perfect choice, you will always be certain that you would make money right from the comfort of your home. Here is top three work from home jobs that you can do at your home while making money:

1.Banner and Logo Designing Jobs

Design Jobs are among the top paying home jobs in the freelancing niche or online jobs. Why say so? Banners and Logo often help businesses in attracting new customers, especially for their website at the same time making their business even more popular. Therefore, it is a requirement for the owners of such businesses to do the jobs.

Whenever you have knowledge about Banner and Logo Designing, you can always visit a place where you would offer your services when you want to make money from home. By studying the Logo Designing tutorials available over the internet, you can start to offer these services thus making some money.

By spending from 4 to 5 hours in a month in learning especially on these tutorials, you will get good knowledge when designing before you can start to accept jobs from high rated freelancing sites online.

2. High Paying Jobs that you Work At Home

Many jobs are today available for you to work from home. However, you will need some skills if you want to execute them perfectly while getting a higher payment. The jobs include web designing, writing, and blogging among others. However, you can always negotiate with the client on the duration of jobs when you want to make good amounts of money from home.

Providing services is one of the best ways of working at home through the jobs whenever you need the services. For instance, you can start offering writing services online. By choosing a website where your content is needed, you can always get them depending on what your readers to enjoy.

You can also write content that is necessary for the websites that want to highlight their products through sharing information of their specific products. With good content writing skills, you will use your creativity to highlight the specific products.

3.Web Development and Web Design

Web designing is another good category of top paying online jobs available today. You should understand that people who want to do businesses are developing many websites today that will enable them to market a wide range of products and services.

Provided you have skills and knowledge on PHP developer or CSS or HTML or as an expert or a developer, you will get major companies available online ready to hire you either on an hourly or even monthly basis. You will be able to make a lot of money when working online especially when you want to make some money.

In conclusion, the above are top three jobs that you can do at your home while making money without having to worry about leaving the comfort of your home.

Top 5 Smart Phones For Bankers

Science fiction writers and futurologists once predicted that computers will become so small that you could fit one on your palm. Palmtop, they were called affectionately. The glistening future of astounding ‘techtopia’ is here. Welcome to the future!

Your regular run of the mill smart phone that you toss around and moan about not having this, that and the other thing would have been inconceivable to anyone living in the 80s and 90s. Yet, here we are, entering 2017, in a magnificently different world from the one we lived in not more than 2 decades ago.

The average smart phone is more powerful than the computer that landed Apollo 11 on the moon. And at the end of 2016 the choices for great smart phones are so vast that you get almost an option paralysis.

But fear not. If you are looking to find out what are your best options looking at spreadsheets on the go, or where you will get the option of teleporting your phone screen to a big monitor, or simply which phone will be an effective secure phone that will ram along with you to the end of your long working day, then look no further. Here are the 5 best of the best smart phones that will fulfill your requirements in no particular order:


The Verge, boasting a 1.3 million viewer subscriptions, and Android Authority, adorned by 2.4 million subscribers, described Samsung S7 Edge as the nicest phone to hold. They were talking about the phone’s ergonomics: how easy it is to grab, hold, and use with one hand etc.

The S7 Edge offers a lot of conventional and unconventional features packed into its futuristic beveled screen. If you go to ‘settings’ and then ‘edge screen’ you can set up a quick glance option for your notifications, stock price feed sports update, news, and any other RSS feed you wish set up.

What the phone does then is quite a technological marvel. When you want to see these feed you can rub your finger along the edge of the screen and these will come up like a scroll on just on the edge, without turning on the whole screen. This allows you to get your update without turning on the display during a meeting or a in a dark room, where you don’t disturb others.

But this is simply one use of the edge screen. The features and utilities are too numerous to list here. The phone is full water and dust resistant, has amazing crisp camera, fast and wireless charging options to name just a few.

With 5.5 inch display, 12 mega pixel camera, 4 GB RAM, expandable storage up to 64 GB, and 3600 mAh battery the Galaxy S7 Edge is all utilitarian and no gimmick.

The battery life is particularly enticing. With casual or heavy usage the batter lasts one full day. This phone will stay alive during your long banking hours and then more.

OnePlus 3T:

Known for competing with the market giants with really reasonably priced smart phones the company OnePlus has been called “flagship killer” and the “next big thing”.

With its newest release of the OnePlus series the company delivers on the original promise again: all of the high specs and none of the high prices.

With 64 GB of non-extendable flash storage and 6 GB of RAM the new OnePlus 3T comes with a great sleek full ‘unibody’ metal jacket design.

Its finger print reader is among the fastest in the market, which means it is secured and fast at the same time. It’s “shelf” feature allows you to keep and access memos or notes really quickly. This is very helpful for taking quick notes during meetings or jotting something down so that you won’t forget it later.

It has 3k mAh powered battery but it comes with a “dash charging” facility. It means that the phone will not necessarily need overnight charging but instead with its special dash charging you can plug in and get nearly full charge in 30 minutes.

With its 5.5 inch AMOLED display it’s very comfortable view documents and email messages.

If you are looking to get a great phone that has all the facilities of big name brand flagship models then it doesn’t get much better than the OnePlus3T.

Google Pixel:

It’s not water resistant or doesn’t quite as flashy as some of its competitors but for pure performance the Google Pixel is one of the best Android options out there.

Coming from the tech giant itself the phone is advertised with the rather brazen slogan: “phone by Google – made by Google.” Google says that it has “the highest rated smartphone camera. Ever.” The camera has been lauded by renowned tech reviewers like Marques Brownlee, who called it the “best Android smartphone.” Pixel has powerful battery life that lasts all day. It is also the first phone with the Google Assistant built in, which means the artificial intelligence (AI) support is unmatched.

Assistant is an AI bot that uses machine learning utilizing Google’s gigantic search database to answer your questions. It can schedule reminders, look up facts and places to eat, set alarms, give directions, translate phrases and more. The machine learning is set to constantly learn from “experience”, meaning that it learns from ‘you’ and ‘your’ use of the phone.

This is certainly the ultimate phone to get if you are comfortable with and make good use of the vast apparatus of Google. For instance, the Pixel comes with free, unlimited Google Photo storage, which will be very useful if you want to keep your scanned documents stored online. Google is also able to turn your scan into text, including Bengali text.


Have you ever felt frustrated with scrolling down to read emails on your phone, or wondered what it would feel like to be able to read a full sentence where the text is not cropped? Blackberry’s unique wide screen shape has been a providing the cure for its fans with a tons of other unique advantages.

Often praised as the most secured phone in the world, BlackBerry’s Passport has broken new grounds. It is a “pure productivity machine, and emblematic of the company’s professional, business-focused mindset,” said Nate Ralph of the popular tech review site

Despite its limitations in the apps department, its powerful hardware and a slew of clever features are fully prepared to give iOS and Android a run for their money.

People annoyed by mobile screen typing will find the signature BlackBerry’s physical keyboard, which is even better on the Passport with all its nifty technologies.

It is immensely easy, because of the screen size and the keyboard, to view and edit documents, write emails and manage other paper work. While some think its square shape makes it awkward, others find it interesting and one of a kind.

The 4.5-inch BlackBerry Passport is surprisingly light despite its heavy look. Its 3.5 inches wide display makes it wider than phablets like the 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.

BlackBerry phones are widely recognized as phones for professionals. The Passport builds upon that reputation and adds more with it. The battery life in this phone is unrivaled with batter lasting 2 to 3 days with mixed usage.

With its proprietary browser the Passport offers unique internet experience. It has the address bar on the bottom so you don’t have to reach out to the top every time you want to type a new search. The Hub feature makes it so much easy to manage your SMS and email messages. Also the size of the screen makes the browsing super convenient.

With checking spreadsheets, office documents, ebooks, presentations and full-scale websites so much convenient this is one of the ultimate phones for office use or any use.

iPhone 7 Plus:

iPhone 7 Plus is more on the phablet territory than regular phone. It is “markedly better than the smaller model”, as observes.

The phone has an astounding camera that’s turning heads. Because of the larger size the batter life is also significantly better than its smaller brother the iPhone 7.

Even though the 7 Plus is the most expensive iPhone to date it strives to offer the user as much as it can. Apple is offering both 128GB and 256GB storage version for different prices.

With Apple App Store ever expanding the usage of the phone for document viewing and editing is easier than ever. With the new A10 Fusion chip, two high performance cores, and two low-power cores that use less battery power during everyday tasks the 7 Plus is prepared to take on full day duty and stay strong until you finish.

There is of course the consideration that you might wait a little longer and get the iPhone 8. That is not a bad idea at all. But if you want the best iPhone available now then 7 Plus is ‘it’.